We are your partner for interoperability - from planning to perfection!

interop4X specializes in providing industrial digitalization solutions. With a focus on the international communication and interoperability standard OPC UA, we enable companies to leverage the full power of their manufacturing processes.

Our vision

Today's world is shaped by machines and devices that are an integral part of a global industrial network. A universal language for the exchange of information between machines and devices is more important than ever before. With interop4X, we enable a smooth data flow - regardless of manufacturer or model.


Our mission

At interop4X, our mission is a simple and smooth transition to Industry 4.0. We are dedicated to the infrastructure and security of machine connections as well as easy and secure processing of information. In seminars and at conferences, we share our knowledge to achieve the vision of a fully connected and interoperable industry.


FVA Software & Service

Founded in 2010, FVA GmbH works hand-in-hand with top-level German research institutions and leading companies from the drive technology industry toward the practical application of knowledge gained from FVA research projects. Based on more than 50 years of research, our groundbreaking products and services make innovative development processes possible for the advancement of the entire industry.

FVA GmbH is a joint venture between FVA e.V. (Research Association for Drive Technology) and VDMA Services GmbH within VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association).

interop4X is a brand of FVA GmbH.


As a specialist in OPC UA solutions, we are proud to support companies in the digitalization and optimization of their industrial processes. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

We strongly believe that the future of industry lies in seamless communication between machines, systems, and people. It is our mission to make this vision a reality for our customers. With interop4X at your side, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible support on the road to digital transformation.


In 2023, FVA GmbH further expanded its OPC UA division and united all activities under the new brand interop4X. This new brand represents our efforts to promote interoperability in industrial processes and to help our customers drive their digital transformation.


In 2021, FVA GmbH took its first orders related to OPC UA. We continue to develop and broaden our focus to provide our customers with the best solutions in this domain.


In 2017, OPC UA gained momentum within the VDMA and entered the focus of our activities. 2020 marked the publication of the OPC UA Companion Specification for Machinery, a milestone in the standardization of communication for machines.

That same year, VDMA and VDW joined forces to promote the use and dissemination of OPC UA standards in the machinery industry under the umati label. This cooperation strengthens our ambitions and motivates us to engage more intensively with OPC UA.


The history of interop4X starts in 2010 with the foundation of FVA GmbH. Our shareholders are VDMA e.V. and FVA e.V., two strong partners dedicated to progress in drive technology and mechanical engineering.