Sebastian Friedl to lead new FVA Interoperability Department

From October 2022, Sebastian Friedl is the new Head of Interoperability at FVA GmbH. In this position, he will significantly grow existing customer contacts and add to FVA GmbH’s expertise and offerings in the field of interoperability, so that SME’s in particular have a strong partner on their side during implementation.

"In recent years, requests in the areas of OPC UA and digitalization have significantly increased at FVA GmbH. For this reason, we have decided to create a new division to serve this growing market and to support our customers with the rapid implementation of digital services. As an expert in the field of interoperability, we are happy to have Sebastian Friedl on board and to expand our service portfolio to include this important area," said Norbert Haefke, Managing Director of FVA GmbH.

Sebastian Friedl studied mechatronics at the University of Stuttgart. After his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the University of Stuttgart Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW) in the area of OPC UA modeling. Most recently, he was a contributing editor for the OPC UA Companion Specifications for Weighing Technology, Glass Processing, and Length Measurement Technology, and he is a member of the OPC UA Harmonization Working Group as well as the VDMA and OPC Foundation Joint Working Group OPC UA for Machinery.

“Thanks to the extensive effort of the Working Groups, the OPC UA Foundation, and especially the VDMA, OPC UA has gained massive momentum in recent years. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge for many companies to use OPC UA and the Companion Specifications in their products. We want to help simplify the path from the Companion Specifications to the product,” said Sebastian Friedl about his new role at FVA GmbH.

In addition to current projects such as the continued development of the umati dashboard and supporting OPC UA Working Groups, the focus will become even more comprehensive in the future. FVA GmbH will significantly expand its training, consulting, and support services in the field of Industry 4.0 (such as OPC UA, Asset Administration Shell).

Mr. Friedl is available for interviews or to answer further questions:

Sebastian Friedl
Head of Interoperability
+49 69 6603 1894